My Journey

In late 2019, I joined the design team at Bond Touch, a small venture within Impossible. As the sole member of the team, I was tasked with building it from the ground up. However, after just four months, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and we were all forced to work from home. This presented a number of challenges, including reshaping our design processes and hiring practices, as well as ensuring the mental health and well-being of the team (as I detailed in a recent article on my leadership experience).

Despite these challenges, my academic background in Multimedia, Interaction, and Communication Design has provided me with a strong foundation and a continued passion for my work, which I have built over the course of a decade of experience.

Below, I’ve provided a more detailed breakdown of my journey and responsibilities over the past few years.

Head of Design and Creative

Bond Touch by Impossible
2019 – Present

Bond Touch is an emotional wearable venture by Impossible. The main goal is connecting people emotionally while interacting in both digital and physical worlds. So people and relationships are the centres of everything we do, every problem we try to solve, and any story we want to tell.


  • Mentor and encourage design and creative team members to foster a positive work environment.
  • Shoulder the responsibility for the quality and completion of all work projects assigned to members of the creative and design team.
  • Participate in and provide regular opportunities for professional development and growth to the team.
  • Report the progress of projects at major stages of their conception, creation, and execution.
  • Ensure designs and content reflect consistently and positively the brand image and company ideals.
  • Serve as a liaison between the marketing and creative team, and between the design team and product team.
  • Anticipate problems that may impede a project from completing on time and implement solutions.
  • Work with internal and external strategic partners to create products using the most current industry best practices.
  • Research and explore market trends, both product and communication-wise.
  • Engage the creative process, either regarding the experience in interfaces, and also relate to audiovisual communication assets.


  • Solid, autonomous and heartfelt team.
  • Reshape and improve the Mobile App experience.
  • Rebranding Bond Touch’s identity to become closer to the company’s visions and mission.
  • Collaborate with the experience strategy to increase app retention by correlating the user research insights and the new mobile trends.
  • Redesign Bond Touch’s website, improving our main sales channel.
  • Reshape visually the Amazon store unit.
  • Created the visual content strategy for the blog and for the new product launches and seasonal campaigns.
  • Collaborate with visual content strategy for social media, mostly for Instagram.
Made with love ⸻

Principal Product Designer

2018 – 2019

EYESO it’s all about creation and it’s our mission to support the community by putting the latest technological advancements to use, providing a new approach to digital licensing, network promotion and monetization.


  • Strategize the product experience alongside the Product manager.
  • Follow the project from the ideation phase to completion, working closely with stakeholders, UI designers, developers and testers.
  • Defining UX scope per project.
  • Creating user stories, user flows, wireframes and high-fidelity prototypes.
  • Create tasks for UI designers and make sure the final UI matches the wireframes.
  • Product design research and competitor analysis.
  • Pitching ideas and showing updates to stakeholders and team members.


  • Design’s marketplace-main subscription and monetization flow.
  • Design and Implemented the Design System for the marketplace.